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Corvette Fiberglass Body Parts

At Corvette Parts Worldwide, we sell high-quality Corvette fiberglass body parts, including a wide selection of C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 & C6 fiberglass parts.

Revitalize your Corvette's body with Press Molded or Hand Laid Fiberglass Parts. Trust Corvette Parts Worldwide for all your Corvette Fiberglass & Corvette parts today.

Corvette Fiberglass

Chevrolet Corvette Fiberglass Parts from Corvette Parts Worldwide are sourced from many premium name brand products across the United States & Canada. Our Corvette Fiberglass Parts are available in White, Grey & Black with a smooth finish on both sides for press molded fiberglass parts or smooth top grainy inside for hand laid Corvette fiberglass parts. Corvette Parts Worldwide's Corvette fiberglass meet all original specifications and are manufactured with the finest materials and workmanship.

Corvette Parts Worldwide features the world-famous quality of the best fiberglass panel manufacturers, our well-rounded selection of stock and custom components makes your body-work and body-styling a true joy.

Hand Laid Versus Press Molded & Restored versus Repaired

When purchasing fiberglass replacement panels you should be considering, whether the part is hand laid or a press molded part is one that has been made from a sheet of fiberglass and resin that is pressed into a female mold by a male mold. The resulting part is smooth on the inside and the outside , just as GM originally made it. If you are restoring your Corvette and want that restoration to be as close as possible to the way it was originally manufactured, then press molded parts are what you want. You will achieve a higher appraised value for a Corvette restored with press molded parts, than one restored with hand laid parts. These press molded parts are the ones that NCRS wants to see on your restoration, with exception of original GM panels,

A hand laid part is one that had been laid up in a mold by hand. It has a rough texture on the inside and If you are trying to restore your corvette in a less expensive manor, then hand laid parts will work just fine. Our hand laid parts are the best quality hand laid parts available in the industry. The fit of both Hand laid and Press molded parts are both very similar. All Corvettes from 1953 to 1982 were hand made and no two cars are exactly the same, therefore body panels made either way, will need to be custom fit to the Corvette they are being installed on.

Corvette Parts worldwide has been in the Corvette Restoration business for 43 years. From Mechanical to Upholstery, Bodywork to paint, you can trust the advice we give you.

WARNING: ACI Fiberglass products can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.
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