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Dr Corvette says. Boy, The Mid Engine Corvette has come along ways since the 1954 Motorama and the three dream cars that tried to show where GM was heading. Have a look at the 1954 Motorama Corvette Hardtop Dream Coupe that Zora Arkus had a lot to do with. This Corvette was the first Corvette to have roll-up windows, exterior door handles, a glove box, as well as the first removable hardtop made by GM. This Corvette is the most important Corvette in the evolution of Corvette, it set the direction of what Corvette was going to become, not so different than the possibility of the new mid-engine Corvette, let alone an electric version as well. Wow! Corvette evolution has come along way.


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I just would like to let you know how impressed I am with your shipping and customer services

Thank you, 


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Good Morning Bruce,

Just wanted to let you know that the seats were delivered today and that you have exceeded my expectations. I thought they would be nice but when I opened the boxes I was blown away. The attention to detail and expert craftsmanship are top-shelf in my opinion. That being said I will always use you and the parts department at corvette parts world.

Thanks again,
William G.

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The seats have arrived and look beautiful. I can’t wait to get them all assembled and back in the completed interior.

Once again you have come through with 5-star service. The fact that you have been in the Corvette restoration business for years and are now offering parts at attractive prices is reason enough for doing business. But being there and able to talk to customers who are dealing with the inevitable little “gotchas” in the restoration process makes a big difference over the other guys. Corvette owners are wise to make you their choice.

Best Regards,

Jeff L.


Hi Bruce just received my C4 Leather seats they are absolutely beautiful ...the 40th-anniversary emblem is perfect, thanks again for all your help ...look forward to doing business with you again!

Anthony G

Thanks, Tonya for your help. Working with you guys on this has been stress-free and easy. I'm looking forward to doing more business you guys in the future.

John A.

I would like to say thanks for a great shopping experience I have a new list of parts that I all ready have started and will be talking with you soon THANK YOU GUYS FOR WHAT YOU DO!

Kyle H.

I recently bought a Glass Targa Top from

Their service was great and the product was a totally perfect fit.
This place can't be beaten, I am glad I bought my top from them!
1968 Corvette

Louis T. Ventura California.

Bruce, I received the 2003 ZO6 wiring bundle today in good shape. Thanks for coming thru for me in getting this, I was getting desperate for a solution to the problem. I contacted a number of your competitors and they either didn’t have what I needed or said they’d get back to me and never did.

You’ve got my business forever. Jim L.

As a year corvette owner for over 40 years, currently a 2005 C 6, I am encouraged by your excellent WEB SITE and personal, prompt

Hi Bruce. Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new Billy Boat system on my 2014 Sting Ray. It sounds like it should. The roadway tips are what Chevy engineers should have put on the car in the first place.

Darwin M.

Bradford PA

As a year Corvette owner for over 40 years, currently a 2005 C 6, I am encouraged by your excellent WEBSITE and personal, prompt service that is far superior to the usual car parts websites.

The guys at Corvette Parts really know the Corvette business and go out of their way to please their customers.

Winnipeg, MB.

Bruce, Thank you so much for your service. the floor mats are nicer than i imagined. they look great in the car. I will mention to my friends or anybody who has a corvette to buy from you. Thanks again

John F from Edgewater, Fl

Great news, the mats arrived today and UPS did not try to charge me for anything (: So all my orders have been received in full, thank you for all your help!

Just a quick note in thanks for the molding I recently received for my 99 Vette. Just what I needed. I was quoted for over a year from several shops that I would expect to spend upwards to $700.00 to replace that stripping. Finally I got what I needed and installed it myself for $36.85 plus shipping from Corvette Parts Worldwide

Thanks again, Mr. Ronald Ballinger of Rock Hill, S.C. USA.

I just thought I would drop you a line and tell you of an experience I had recently with a local shop here in the St. Louis area.

My '76 Stingray(small block 350) had power steering leaking problems. I had taken it to a shop to have the door handles adjusted and asked him to give me an estimate on replacing the control valve and power steering cylinder and hoses. The estimate came in at a mere $1530.00US. I thought that was a bit much so I told him to hold up and I would get back to him. In all fairness, $282.00 was labor and $59.00 was for realignment.

I checked out the cost from you folks and found the cost to be in the $300.00 range after exchange of parts.

I went back to the shop and informed them that I would supply the parts and their reaction was why? I let them know that their cost for parts was about $950.00 high and that they had egg on their face. They were silent.

I also had a friend who went on line and found these parts at another on line supplier for slightly more than your cost but they were not nearly as knowledgeable as lyour people, nor as interested in seeing me get my car on the road as quickly nor as competently as you all

So here is a tip of the hat to the folks at Corvette Parts Worldwide for a job well done.


Bruce, Thank you so much for your service. I received the dash pad for my 1990 Corvette on Friday 12/23/11.Couldn't believe how fast the product came to me. The pad was in excellent shape, better then I imagined. Your company's correspondence was superb. The staff was friendly and prompt. I will mention to my friends or anybody who has a Corvette to look into this company.

Thanks again,
Vincent M.

Masiello Rockledge, FL.